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[20 Aug 2003|08:38am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Photofracas has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

Partially due to your lack of interest, but more so due to MY lack of interest.

That is all.

[15 Aug 2003|08:24am]

[ mood | mellow ]

This weeks winner is.......


Congrats. As per the voting last week, the new theme is: Inside Your Mind

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Just a little note... [14 Aug 2003|09:10am]

[ mood | restless ]

A couple things:

1.) Please please please please PLEASE give your pictures a title. PLEASE! I feel stupid listing 5 or 6 pics in the same gallery under the name "Untitled" so I am then forced to give it a name myself. If you don't title them because you can't think of a good name, rest assured ANYTHING will be better than the crap I think up....

Don't believe me? go check this week's gallery. "Red Sky"??? What a sh*tty title! By the way I originally thought "Burning Sky" but then it looked a little more radioactive than on fire and it seemed a little too pretentious of a name. So then I just put RED @$%#ing sky?!

You're all lucky I found something resembling a title on littlelottie's photo, or it MAY have been called "Blue Sky." I suck that much at this. You can see how badly this is affecting me, so much so that I have begun to skip meals and engage in staring contests with neighborhood dogs, both of which I consider to be unhealthy endeavors.

2) I guess the rules are a little vague about what size of pictures need to be behind a cut. So I'll clarify. 480x360 is the max size to be posted without a cut. Otherwise the style doesn't behave very well and the tables start spilling out everywhere and next thing you know your userpicture is hidden behind your submission and I can't see who submitted it. Don't know how to cut? The FAQ is here.

Well anyway the voting is pretty heated, there is a tie right now, and I'm interested to see who comes out on top.

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This week's poll: WEATHER!!! [13 Aug 2003|09:02am]

[ mood | hyper ]

The entries are:Collapse )

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[12 Aug 2003|10:27pm]


taken on the way to myrtle beach a few months ago
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[10 Aug 2003|09:43pm]

weatherCollapse )
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weather [10 Aug 2003|06:28pm]

Click here for my extreme weather pictureCollapse )
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weather [10 Aug 2003|05:03pm]

This photo was taken last week, at sunset from where I work (I'm a marine biologist). This photo has not been digitally manipulated in any way.

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[09 Aug 2003|05:29am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Not sure if this *strictly* counts as "weather", but it was in the sky and there was like mist and low clouds around, so that's kind of weather....

Crescent Sunrise taken on May 31stCollapse )

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Not Photoshoped [08 Aug 2003|08:48pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Weather Taken at our local annual FestivalCollapse )

This image is straight off my digital camera the only change make to it was resizing. Taken with a Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro, 231mm zoom, shutter speed 1/30, Aperture F5.3

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[08 Aug 2003|08:24pm]

taken on a roadtrip to san francisco last monthCollapse )
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weather in the alley behind my house [08 Aug 2003|08:10pm]

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And the poll winner is..... [08 Aug 2003|08:49am]

[ mood | energetic ]

Well we have a tie.

Inside your mind and Weather each got 4 votes. Damn you democracy!

So I guess we have the next TWO weeks' themes. Takes a little pressure off me I guess.

In the true sense of fairness I flipped a coin to see which theme we'd do first. Weather won, so that's the theme for this week.

Have fun!

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Well all right then..... [06 Aug 2003|09:14am]

[ mood | discontent ]

In reaction to the lack of enthusiasm aboutthis week's theme, I have decided that I am no longeer in charge of picking themes. I'm just going to go by suggestions and polling from here on out. During the voting process from now on there will be a second question about what theme you'd like to see next week. I will base the choice on the results of this poll.

No voting for photos this week, as we have no submissions.

Which theme would you most like to see?

Big and Small
Inside Your Mind

Any other suggested themes?

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Mario worships Bowser?!?! [04 Aug 2003|08:56am]

[ mood | awake ]

Not really!
This pic I took when I was playing "Mario's Time Machine." In the beginning, in Bowser's Museum, you see statues like this of Bowsers. I just had mario look up, and it looks liek he's praying to Bowser!!!

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[01 Aug 2003|09:45am]

So this week's theme is up.

The theme is : The Golden Calf

I'll assume you all know the reference, so get creative with this one! What false idols do we encounter these days?
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Week 2 winner(s) ! [31 Jul 2003|06:03pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

So as week 2 reaches its end, we have 2 winners!

polaroidgirl and dragophelion tied to win this weeks challenge!

Congratulations to you both. I thought both photos were great!

Check in tomorrow for the new theme. It's a thinker!

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After a few test runs, this week's poll is here. [30 Jul 2003|08:49am]

This week we're using LJ's poll function for the contest, in an attempt to make the results a little more dependable.

Here it is. Right here behind this cut! Go ahead... LOOK!Collapse )

As always, votes for yourself won't count.

Thanks to all that entered, and thanks to all who vote.
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[29 Jul 2003|08:54am]

[ mood | amused ]

This is an old game I used to play. I took it out to look at it and BAM:Collapse ) my symmetry picture.

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Symmetry Interrupted [29 Jul 2003|03:16am]


World Trade Center, 1990s
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