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Just a little note...

A couple things:

1.) Please please please please PLEASE give your pictures a title. PLEASE! I feel stupid listing 5 or 6 pics in the same gallery under the name "Untitled" so I am then forced to give it a name myself. If you don't title them because you can't think of a good name, rest assured ANYTHING will be better than the crap I think up....

Don't believe me? go check this week's gallery. "Red Sky"??? What a sh*tty title! By the way I originally thought "Burning Sky" but then it looked a little more radioactive than on fire and it seemed a little too pretentious of a name. So then I just put RED @$%#ing sky?!

You're all lucky I found something resembling a title on littlelottie's photo, or it MAY have been called "Blue Sky." I suck that much at this. You can see how badly this is affecting me, so much so that I have begun to skip meals and engage in staring contests with neighborhood dogs, both of which I consider to be unhealthy endeavors.

2) I guess the rules are a little vague about what size of pictures need to be behind a cut. So I'll clarify. 480x360 is the max size to be posted without a cut. Otherwise the style doesn't behave very well and the tables start spilling out everywhere and next thing you know your userpicture is hidden behind your submission and I can't see who submitted it. Don't know how to cut? The FAQ is here.

Well anyway the voting is pretty heated, there is a tie right now, and I'm interested to see who comes out on top.
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