Photo Fracas

fra·cas (frakis, frakus) n. A noisy, disorderly fight; a brawl

Photo Fracas!!!
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Inside Your Mind

Photo Fracas: moderated by adamcollins

Check out the online gallery for organized photos and each weeks' poll. The PhotoFracas Gallery

Born out of the wake of photochallenge and photocontest, Photo Fracas is a community with a very similar format. Why have another you ask? Why not? I'm no innovator, I just figure the more the merrier.

A new challenge will be posted each Friday.

Entries will be accepted until midnight the following Tuesday. (all times listed pertain to the time LJ follows, US Pacific Standard Time)

A poll will be put up on Wednesday morning to allow people to vote for their favorite photo.

Whoever has the most votes by 7:00pm (PST again) Thursday will be declared the weeks winner.


Photoshop if you want. I love to edit photos in photoshop, and I know others do to. Cut your head off and paste it on a cow's body for all I care, just at least blend it well. Humor is ALWAYS appreciated.

Large pics must be placed within a cut. If it is not within a cut, it'll be deleted. I'll give you about 10 minutes to fix it, but after that, it's up for deletion.

I'm on the fence with nudity, so for now it's tentatively allowed. Must go behind a cut though, and don't get too upset if your nude post eventually gets deleted.

As for posting multiple pics, go for it! Multiple pics must be behind a lj-cut. (Sorry for hammering this in but I tend to check this from my phone when not by a computer.) However only one pic per user per week will be included in the poll, so make it obvious which photo you want as your entry. Otherwise you leave it to my discretion.

I'll post pics too, but you won't be able to vote for mine in the polls. Call it a conflict of interest. Not that it'll matter much, I'm sure I wouldn't win many anyway, I've seen the work some of you can do.

Do not ask for codes. That is the quickest way to get banned.

Do not plagiarize! This is the second quickest way to get banned. I won't be going over these with a fine toothed comb, but if it's suggested that a photo was not the artist's original piece, I will investigate it.

Have fun and be decent to others! This is a place for people to share their photos with the world, or an elite subsection thereof at least. Don't worry if you lack the talent of others in the group, in my opinion a great idea shot poorly is more endearing than a mundane idea shot well.

(As a side note, after all the plagiarism talk, I would feel remiss not to mention I got the community's icon from Fotopic.net and the background was ganked from Here)